You love the global village but everyone needs a sanctuary from the world outside, some where you can put your feet up in peace and hear yourself think. Yet you also need to be able to keep your home safe and be able to let your amazon delivery in while you’re working away in LA, Kuala Lumpur or Lagos. So how do you balance all parts of your world?

These impressive Whitehall gates are visually congruent with the area. Their metal frame and fully boarded structure makes them a substantial intruder deterrent and provides maximum privacy.

The gates are powered by FAAC 770 motors, but the greatest benefit to the owner is in the intercom system. The gates can be opened, or not, through an app from anywhere in the world giving the owner complete control. They also alert the owner to any forced entry or alarm activation. So where ever the customer is they know what’s happening at home, and have the control to choose their response without having to even pause their conversation.

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