Planning requirements can scupper even the most beautifully designed attempts to add curb appeal to you home. There are often strict restrictions on the height of gates and fences. Councils and local residents alike can be unforgiving of any incursions. Such was the case for this customer. The height of their gate was restricted and so a bespoke gate offered the perfect solution ensuring a happy marriage between planing law and a beautiful, automated entrance to their home.

The client choose a bespoke iroko hardwood sliding gate, with a matching pedestrian gate. The sliding gate enables them to maximise the available space for parking in front of their home by simply sliding sideways, a few centimetres parallel to the brick wall, along a track. If they had chosen swing gates some of the space would have been lost when the gate swung inwards to open. We installed a FAAC C720 Motor to automate the gate which has a virtual encoder to put the gate into reverse if it detects any obstacles.

The customer was delighted with their finished gates. They gave us full marks on our feedback questionnaire and sent us the following comment:

“We obtained a total of three quotes for the work. Rob’s was by far the most comprehensive and he fully explained how it could be done. The other companies did not and their knowledge appeared thin in comparison. We felt confident you would do the best job: we have not been disappointed.”